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Emma Grist Pilates

Pilates classes in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and Welcome to Emma Grist Pilates

Pilates offers a holistic approach to exercise and can benefit everyone, whatever your level of fitness. In modern life we all develop habitual ways of moving, perhaps through work, working out or activities. Sitting at a computer screen, being on your phone, driving the car, running, cycling and playing sport can put strain on our muscles that Pilates can
... help to re-balance. Emma Grist Pilates will develop your core strength, improve your posture, lengthen and tone your muscles and promote overall wellbeing.

The classes are based on the original mat repertoire by Joseph Pilates. Additional variety and benefit is derived through hands-on-correction, use of pilates props and movement modifications. Focus on breath, the connection of the mind and body with movement, and a short relaxation at the end of a class can help you to leave the class feeling rejuvenated and even improve your sleep!

Having taught for over 10 years I am now an Associate member of JPilates and continue to develop with their training programme.


"Highly recommend Pilates with Emma Grist. She was always conscious of the weakness in my lower back and offered modifications just for me. She really cares about her clients!" Kate, Tonbridge

I did a men's Pilates course with Emma before relocating to the States. It really helped with my lower back pain" Roger, Bidborough

"Attending Emma's classes has totally changed the game for me, I couldn't manage without her or the benefits of her classes. Emma adapts each exercise for me if it isn't suitable in its purest form. I leave every class feeling supple" Kellie, Kings Hill

"Emma's classes are fabulous for both mind & body" Jackie, Hildenborough
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Insured By: FitPro
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